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Grotesque Indoor Festival | Rossumedia

Grotesque Indoor Festival

These last few weekends have been very busy. Basically every weekend a photoshoot, and every weekend a different type of music and crowd. To give you an idea, in the past 3 weeks I have visited a 90’s, hardstyle and trance party. Being back at XXlerator after not having been for a year was very rewarding. The Matrixx always manages to pull off an amazing show with a seriously brutal line up.

But if you have followed me on twitter, you know that this last weekend was spectacular. I got to photograph some trance DJ’s I really admire at Grotesque Indoor Festival. It’s no secret I’m a big John O’Callaghan fan, so being able to photograph him is always a treat. The organisation PT Events pulled of a great event, with an even greater attention to detail. No doubt trance is still my favorite music genre.

Checkout the full phooshoot of Grotesque by clicking  HERE

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